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Find Live Quran/Qaida links in the post!

We think that reading the quran is the simplest way for human to derive and constructing meaning in order
to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into
digital media equivalent Online Library,
but downloading it everywhere everytime is sometime seems diffecult while some time become impossible, in meantime
reading quran or learning whloe quran is one of the favirot hobby for all muslims, there for Darulquran1 educationl socity
decided to convert all those files to live server where every visitor can open quran and can read it softly, at same time
they manage arabic qaida, madani qaida, noorani qiada in pdf and convert it also to live servers, all the visitor is need to click on
quran link or Qaida link and start reading it, but the question is can we open the same links on our mobile phone?
the answer is yes we can, we dont need quran download for mobile, or mobile quran download, just go to your mobile browser and open
the qaida link there,

need whole quran, whole quran download at once, online koran, download free holy quran, quran recitation for kids?
click here: Quran LIVE

need noorani qaida, download noorani qaida, madani qaida, yssaranulquran qaida, qaida?
click here : Qaida LIVE


Key Features:

Displaying the Quran/Qaida in Arabic on your own computer and mobile esily,
Open every part of quran in different browser so user can search his recomnded sora esily.
Arabic recitation for downloading.
Very user friendly.
Using PDF vewing system, so it is very friendly quran downloading system,


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